How to Choose a Trademark Professional

Search for specialised professionals: You should search specifically for a trademark professional, rather than a regular law professional. Check to see that your trademark expert is well-versed in Australian trademark law. A trademark professional can provide you with specialised advice on trademark searches, trademark registration, and trademark management.Choose professionals with experience: There is nothing more valuable to you than a trademark expert with experience in the field. Trademark matters concerning your intellectual property require precise navigation and a sound depth of knowledge. An experienced professional will best be able to advise you on protecting your trademark. You should also search for professionals who have experience that is specific to your industry, or experience in business.Look for professionals with good reputations: It is essential that the trademark expert you hire has a solid foundation within the industry, accompanied by a good reputation for service and success. Search for firms that are established within their industry. You should ask around for references, or contact the clients of different firms to ask them about the level of service they received.Search for professionals with connections: Your trademark professional must be well-connected in order to ensure that your mark achieves registration without complication. A well-connected trademark expert can guide you through the registration process and provide you with legal advice in regards to protecting your trademark rights, and continuing trademark management.Why Hire a Professional?You should hire a trademark professional if you are considering using your mark in relation to your products and services, as you will require registration to protect you intellectual property. A trademark professional will file the relevant application: whether you want to register a mark that is already in use, or whether you wish to ‘reserve’ a mark intended for use in conjunction with your products and services, you should contact a trademark professional for advice.If you are already using a trademark, you should hire a professional to conduct trademark searches to ensure that you are not infringing on anyone else’s rights, and therefore are vulnerable to legal ramifications. A trademark professional can assist you in making decisions concerning your marks before you encounter any problems. You should especially contact a trademark expert if you are already aware of potential issues concerning your marks.You should also contact a professional if you wish to register any of your marks as trademarks. A trademark professional will be able to assist you in drafting and filing your trademark application, as well as navigating the entirety of the registration process, including legal action taken against you or adverse reports that you are issued.What Else Will Your Trademark Expert Do?Your trademark professional will not only assist you in searching and registering your mark. They are also capable of assisting you in enforcing your trademark rights. Your trademark professional will help you remedy cases of infringement, as well as identify potential infringers before an issue arises. In addition, if you are issued a ‘cease and desist’ notice by another party, your trademark professional will help you to respond. Hiring a trademark professional before you start using your mark can help prevent you losing your mark and your investment in your brand.Your trademark expert can also advise you on whether your mark is available for registration, or whether it infringes on the rights of another party. It is important to know whether your mark can be registered before you file your application.Three Reasons to Hire a Trademark Professional:
Trademark law is complex: it is always convoluted, particularly to someone that is not versed in intellectual property laws. Filing a trademark registration can be difficult, as is managing your application throughout the registration process. If you fail to properly complete, submit, and maintain your application, you will find that it is quickly rejected despite the money you have invested.
Registering your mark with the assistance of a trademark professional works out to be cost-effective. If you file your application yourself and come up against legal issue or contest, you will have to hire a professional to assist you: however, by hiring a trademark professional from the very beginning, you can minimise or even avoid those fees.
Foremost, your professional will help you avoid infringement of other parties’ rights that would otherwise results in legal fees and a loss in your investment.

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