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Examples of Small Business Ideas With No Money Expenditure

To start a business with no monetary expenditure is a preposterous notion, and altogether impossible. Every business needs funding for the operation of daily enterprise, and even more so for the inception, initiation, and commencement of that business. However, in the commerce climate of the 21st century, starting a business has become something which all entrepreneurs are exploring. Small business ideas with no money, no capital, can be found in a variety of places. Some of these ventures could involve some minimal expenditures, but most likely not ones which would be prohibitive for the neophyte entrepreneur. Let’s explore some examples of these ventures.1. Writing Service
If writing copy and content is your forte, there is an abundance of niches which require your skills. For instance, the plethora of new websites coming online daily are in acute need of excellent, quality content. Not only do these websites rely on their content to attract search engine spiders, but to attract new customers. A website with dull content, bad grammar, and an abundance of spelling errors is nothing but a turn-off. These websites need an infusion of fresh, interesting content on an ongoing basis. Article writing is another attractive niche. There is a critical need the use of good transitional phrases, advanced vocabulary words, and great content; and all you need is simply a computer, an internet connection, and your killer writing skills.2. Household service
If you are living in an apartment in the city, you already have a captured market in your grasp. Take advantage of your situation; check to see if there is a need for household services. This is a great business idea for stay-at-home moms who have time when the kids are in school. You can offer services such as laundry, cleaning, and even cooking and organizing. What’s more, you are just adding a little work to what you are already doing, so there are no additional costs of materials and labor. In addition, you will have no transportation costs, and the exercise could be a supplementary bonus. If you are currently using earth friendly, ”green” household products yourself, you can use these same cleaners when you are working in the apartments of your clients; not only will you continue to use products which are safe for you, but you will most likely be able to educate those same clients in this very important subject.3. Tutorial Service
If you are a mom who helps with her child’s homework, guiding and teaching other children at the same time could be an excellent supplemental income. Offering tutorial services to your neighbor’s kids is one business that you can start with no money. It could be that many other parents don’t have the time which is so critical in helping children with reading, math, history, and geography skills. If you are skilled at this already, then tutoring might just be the niche you have been looking for.